Young children learn languages easily...

and learning a second language is as easy as learning their first!

...making language learning fun and easy for you and your child!
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How Do I Start?

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Here are some simple ideas that you can adopt with your child to make learning a second language fun and easy!
teach german to kids
Children are great mimics - surround them with the sounds of a foreign language and they will naturally copy what they hear and learn with no effort. Songs and rhymes are great for this!
teaching french to kids
Read stories with accompanying CDs. Familiarise your child with the story in English first - children are quickly able to repeat the story to you! Then listen to the CD of the story in French - your child will know what the French means because he knows the story off by heart!
french in the car
Play CDs in the car - give your child the accompanying story book or song book to keep them entertained.
spanish for kids
Introduce common words and phrases into everyday situations. Choose a theme, such as colours, and ask your child what colour various objects are throughout the day. Play games that use phrases in the foreign language.
italian for kids
Show lots of interest and enthusiasm about other languages in order to encourage your child's learning. If your child says a new word in a second language, get excited and make a fuss! Your child will feel a great sense of achievement!
french for kids
Learn to sing songs in the foreign language by listening to CDs, or search for children's songs on-line.
french videos for children
Watch TV shows or cartoons together - a really simple way to absorb another language. Many digital services, such as Netflix, allow shows to be watched in foreign languages.
german books for kids
Increase your child's daily exposure to the second language as much as you can. Why not form a playgroup or coffee group with other mums and children who are learning to speak the foreign language?
Spanish CD for kids
Play on-line language learning games together - there are many free offerings available.
learning a foreign language
If you know a foreign language, simply begin to speak it in short, frequently used phrases. You will be surprised how quickly your child will catch on! You know those words and phrases we say a thousand times a day? Well, your child hears them a thousand times too! Translating those phrases into a foreign language is a fast and natural way to give your child experience with a foreign language. And if you don't know the language yourself, learn along with your child by working on a new phrase each week...
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