Young children learn languages easily...

and learning a second language is as easy as learning their first!

...making language learning fun and easy for you and your child!
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When is the best time to introduce my child to a foreign language?

The "window of opportunity" for early language learning is between birth and 12 years of age - the earlier, the better!
kids learn french, spanish, italian, german Research has shown that from infancy to age 6 or 7, many new connections are being formed in the brain, and when exposed to the sounds of a second language during this time, the brain of a young child will actually grow connections that make a new language easy to learn. As the brain develops most in the first three years of a person's life, exposing your child to another language during this time actually stimulates the development of brain cells.

Around age 10 to 12, the brain not only begins to slow in its ability to develop those connections, but it starts to prune away any that aren't being used. Thus, children who don't start learning a second language until later in life will often find it more difficult because their brain will not have developed the necessary connections.
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