Young children learn languages easily...

and learning a second language is as easy as learning their first!

...making language learning fun and easy for you and your child!
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Why should I introduce my child to a second language?

Exposure to a second language helps the brain of a young child grow connections that make a new language easy to learn. Studies have also shown that learning a foreign language at an early age has many other hidden advantages:-

teach kids spanish
teach kids frenchHigher attainment in reading, maths, science and geography

teach children italianGreater creativity and divergent thinking

teach children germanStronger problem solving and analytical skills

children learn germanImproved sense of self-esteem

linguatots language productsGreater appreciation of other cultures

Furthermore, with the rapid move towards a global economy in today's world, speaking a foreign language can now be seen as a competitive advantage when entering the job market. Indeed, even in the United Kingdom, the number of jobs requiring a foreign language as a necessary skill is increasing each year, with a growing number of multilingual call centres locating themselves in this country and the realisation within industry that the ability to speak the language of a potential customer provides a distinct trading advantage.
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