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Hide & Speak Spanish
Hide & Speak Spanish
A delightful interactive book, providing an effective and simple way to learn over 130 key words in Spanish, following the tried and tested method of "look, cover and speak". 15 popular themes are presented, including the farm, school, family, colours and food. Each theme is depicted by a humorous full colour picture, and 9 key words are highlighted on the other side of the page, both via a picture prompt and the written word. Using two wipe-clean flaps at the back of the book to cover the words or the pictures, children can practise speaking or writing the words over and over again. Beneath each picture there are also up to 9 simple phrases which describe what is happening in the picture, and which make use of the 9 key words.

User Guide : A simple pronunciation guide is given beneath each of the key words. The simple phrases are shown in both Spanish and English, but there is no help with pronunciation for the Spanish.

Paperback, 278 x 216mm, 32 pages
Language : Spanish
Ideal for:
Infant School
Junior School
Linguatots, languages for childrenLinguatots, languages for childrenLinguatots, languages for children
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