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Italian Fun
Italian Fun
A lively activity book to introduce your child to essential first words and phrases in Italian. Children will practise saying their name and their age, counting, family names, clothes and buying groceries. The book is packed full of puzzles and games, such as a crossword, dot-to-dot and wordsearch, together with lots of cutting and sticking activities.

User Guide : An older child will be able to work through this activity book alone. English translations and simple pronunciation guides are included beneath all the Italian words and phrases.

Paperback, 278 x 216mm, 16 pages + 3 cardboard cut-out pages
Language : Italian
Ideal for:
Junior School
Linguatots, languages for childrenLinguatots, languages for childrenLinguatots, languages for children
Code: P1230 Price: £ 4.99
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