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Just Listen "n Learn Spanish - cassettes
Just Listen 'n Learn Spanish - cassettes
This is one of the best self-study courses we could find for adults! Most definately an easy and enjoyable way to learn a language!

You listen to real people in practical situations: saying hello, choosing breakfast, reserving a hotel room by telephone, getting directions to the bank, shopping at the chemist, buying a train ticket, ordering a meal, and over 100 more! Excellent for listening to in the car!

The book is well illustrated and enables you to see all the dialogues in written form. Each dialogue is accompanied by helpful notes to explain new expressions that appear in each conversation, together with the basics of the grammar, so that you understand how the language you are learning actually works. There are exercises to practise what you have learnt, both on the tape and in the book, and there are "Did you know?" facts for each topic, which can provide very useful information if you are planning a trip to Spain.

User Guide : A study guide is included for each topic, which suggests you listen to the conversations on the tape first without the book, and then refer to the book and listen to the dialogue while referring to the book. Once you are familar with the conversations, you proceed to the written and oral exercises.

3 x 60 min cassettes + Paperback, 230 x 160mm, 240 pages
Language : Spanish
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