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Les Couleurs - Fun & Games in French
Les Couleurs - Fun & Games in French
This language learning pack comprises a range of ideas for games, songs and activities to help introduce "Colours" in French. The materials can be adapted for teaching individually, in small groups or in class situations, and are appropriate for use with 3 to 7 year olds.

The pack comprises a 12 page teacher's guide; 15 photocopiable activity sheets; templates for picture and word flashcards to support the suggested games and songs; suggested French phrases for use with the games; a parents handout with simple words and phrases, together with English translations and pronunciation guide.

Within the teacher's guide, you will find ideas for a range of games and activities. These make use of two sets of teaching aids - coloured cards, or felt squares (felt squares can be purchased separately from Linguatots - P1284), and butterfly flashcards (templates are included for you to make your own, or you can purchase a pre-laminated set from Linguatots - P1281). All the games are accompanied by suggestions for simple French phrases to be used with the children while playing. Also within the teacher's guide, you will find ideas for two songs, which come with accompanying photocopiable activity sheets and flashcard templates to facilitate the learning process.

The 15 photocopiable activity sheets have been designed to suit the reading and writing skills of three different age groups - ages 3-4, 5-6 and 6-7. The activities include colour by number, colour by code, word search, break the code, and more.

The pack also includes a 2-page handout, designed primarily for parents, although it would also be useful for teachers who only have a basic knowledge of French. The handout includes suggestions for simple words and phrases that parents could practise at home with their children, all of which come with the English translation and a pronunciation guide.

These materials provide an ideal starter pack for teaching "Colours" to young children in French.

User Guide : These materials can be used by both fluent and non-fluent speakers. The teacher's guide includes suggestions for simple French phrases for use with the children while playing the games. These are provided to assist those teachers who have a working knowledge of French, but are perhaps not fluent - there are no English translations or pronunciation guides provided for these phrases.

Teacher's Guide, A5 booklet, 12 pages + 24 A4 photocopiable activity sheets / game templates
Language : French
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